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David A. Dodson

Tierney Rides' 38 inch T-Board!
Tierney Rides' 38 inch T-Board

Tierney Rides' T-Board is without a doubt the best snowboard simulator on the market. It's fast, agile and extremely fun to ride. The only drawback is at 41 inches, it doesn't lend itself to tricks and freestyle moves that most skaters are accustomed to. Luckily, Tierney Rides has addressed this with their 38-inch skating deck. The big idea: Affix Tierney's incredible two-wheeled torsion technology onto a shorter, more skater-friendly deck. The result is a board with the utterly insane carving ability of the original T-Board that can also pull off aggressive freestyle tricks and aerial maneuvers.

But enough reading from the side of the box, can it skate? Astonishingly well. The new 38-inch skating deck is ultra light and super tough. After a bit of practice, there wasn't a trick you could do on a regular skateboard that we couldn't do on the T-Board. And when it came to downhill, we were doing things with the T-Board that no other board could hope to do. The T-Board is absolutely the most fun ride you'll ever try. I guarantee after skating one, your old board will only come out of storage when heavy furniture needs to be moved or something needs to be looked at under the car. It's simply amazing.

Torsion Response Technology!
Closeup of the Trucks

Also, the quality of manufacturing that goes into the T-Board is instantly apparent; solidly built from top grade materials, these are not throw away boards. At 38 inches long by 9 inches wide, the deck is constructed from sturdy 8-ply maple. With an 18-inch wheelbase (compared to the 24-inch wheelbase of its big brother) this sucker is made for fast action and furious turns. I honestly cannot give higher praise to the performance and construction of this board.

Bottom line is if you're starting to get bored with your street board, snowboard, or surfboard and want something to spice up your riding, or if you're looking to get into something completely different than you've ever tried, then you must get your feet on a T-Board. Available in two different deck sizes (41 and 38 inch), three deck colors (green, blue and red), both rubber and urethane wheels, and Torsion Rings of various durometer (flex) ratings, for about two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars the T-Board can be ordered at your local shop or online at!

Photographs provided by David A. Dodson.


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