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Tierney Rides' T-Board!
Tierney Rides' T-Board

It is a problem that man has struggled with since the invention of the wheel: how can I make it go faster without sacrificing control? The skateboard was good, but any four-wheeled vehicle by nature has limited maneuverability. Snowboards are quick and ultra responsive, but confined to snow. Can't someone figure out a way to combine the best characteristics of both? According to the skate-sensei at Tierney Rides, one can. Thus was born the T-Board, the world's only street board that handles like a snowboard. In truth, the only thing the T-Board has in common with a skateboard is wheels. The deck more closely resembles a snowboard body, and the four-wheeled truck system has been replaced with a pair of caster-like trucks sporting Tierney's "Torsion Response Technology" for added stability. Basically what you have is a two-wheeled longboard that has insane carving abilities.

Sounds great, but can it cut? Like a prison barber. We rode one with a forty-one inch deck and Tierney's new super light aluminum trucks with urethane wheels. In a word it was exhilarating. Nothing can prepare you for your first ride. Your feet will want to treat it like a regular skateboard at first; it's not. Once you get it through your head to give it more respect, you will carve angles like you never dreamt possible. The T-Board is absolutely the most fun ride you'll ever try. I guarantee after skating one, your old board will only come out of storage when heavy furniture needs to be moved or something needs to be looked at under the car. It's simply amazing.

Torsion Response Technology!
Closeup of the Trucks

But don't take our word for it. The T-Board also happens to be a favorite training device for both the U.S. and Canadian Olympic snowboarding teams. It's also been featured on ESPN's X-Games, the 2002 Gravity Games and Good Morning America.

Bottom line is if you're starting to get bored with your street board, snowboard, or surfboard and want something to spice up your riding, or if you're looking to get into something completely different than you've ever tried, then you must get your feet on a T-Board. Available in two different deck sizes (41 and 38 inch), both rubber and urethane wheels, and Torsion Rings of various durometer (flex) ratings, for about one hundred and fifty to one hundred seventy five dollars the T-Board can be ordered at your local shop or online at!

Photographs provided by J. Kevin Tumlinson.
Special thanks to the staff at the Rec Center in Lake Jackson, Texas for use of their skate park.


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