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Nyko's  iType2!
Nyko's iType2 Controller

Keyboards for the PS2 are a pain; they're clunky, they get in the way, and for the most part they're an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, if you want to play EverQuest or Final Fantasy XI you need to have one. If only you could combine the features of a keyboard with the convenient size of a conventional PS2 controller. Well, those game gear gurus at Nyko feel your pain, and to relieve it they've introduced their iType2 PS2 controller, the only controller with a fully functional, built in keyboard.

Sounds great, but is it convenient to use? Amazingly so. The iType2 plugs into the PS2's controller port while simultaneously pig-tailing to the USB interface on the front of the console. The buttons are perfectly spaced for thumb-typing, and the standard keyboard layout insures little break in time. Another handy addition is the four programmable text macros for speedy input and convenient instant messaging. And of course the iType2 also includes all the standard features of the PS2 controller: dual analog sticks, D-pad, twin vibrating rumble motors, pressure sensitive analog buttons and shoulder triggers.

The iType2 is a must have for any PS2 online gamer at any level. For about thirty-five dollars you can get one just about anywhere games are sold or online at Pick one up and put the keyboard back on the desk where it belongs.

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