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Meag Memory 16

"Pick a card, any card…" is annoying enough to hear before a magic trick, but it's downright maddening when you're digging through a pile of memory cards, hunting for that one special game save. Luckily for us, someone over at the offices of InterAct got tired of the same thing and came up with the Mega Memory 16 megabyte memory card for the PlayStation 2.

As the name implies, the Mega Memory 16 holds up to sixteen megabytes of saved game info (compared to the puny eight megs of the competition). But the real power of the MM16 comes from the Memory Manager Plus software (packaged with the card) that serves as its interface. This program allows you to organize and compress game save data by as much as eighty percent. That means up to ten times the memory space as the standard 8mb card! On top of that, the Memory Manager Plus works with any card for the PlayStation 2.

8 Meg Memory Cards

The only drawback is that the Mega Memory 16 won't work without the Memory Manager Plus software, so you have to run its program CD before loading your game. Granted, fifteen extra seconds of load up time is no big deal if you are into marathon gaming sessions, but if you are prone to several start ups or frequent title changes, it can get a bit tedious. Also, the Mega Memory 16 doesn't work with the GameShark 2 due to compatibility problems with Memory Manager Plus.

Memory Manager Plus

Aside from that, the Mega Memory 16 and Memory Manager Plus are hands-down the best method for storing PS2 game saves. They also make archiving old game saves super easy and convenient. Along with the Mega Memory 16, which comes only in translucent black, InterAct also offers 8mb cards in a variety of colors (which, incidentally, do work with the GameShark 2). These also feature the Memory Manager Plus software. Even more impressive is the fact that you can get both the Mega Memory 16 and the Memory Manager CD for about thirty to thirty five bucks (cheaper than most 8mb cards). Get one today and put those old cards to better use, like re-shingling the house.

Editor's Note: This review originally went up in July of 2001. Since then the company that made the Mega Memory 16 has either gone out of business or been absorbed by another company. At any rate, the Memory Manager Software disks are no longer being made. Since the memory cards are worthless without the software, please bear in mind that your game save information will be lost forever if something happens to your Memory Manager disk.


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