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Loaded Carving System's HammerHead!
Loaded Carving System's HammerHead

Is you favorite hill losing its thrill? Does your downhill board leave you downhill bored? Even the best skating locations tend to go stale after a given time. Wouldn't it be great if someone came up with a board that could inject new life into old territory? Well, fret no more gentle skater, for Loaded Carving Systems has you covered with their HammerHead, a revolutionary new board that allows you to cut unbelievable angles on downhill grades. The big idea: a U-shaped front axle with seven independent wheels lets this monstrosity turn incredibly sharp, incredibly fast. A standard, two-wheel rear axle lends the HammerHead stability when you don't feel like riding at a forty-five degree angle.

Interesting concept, but can it cut? Like a hooker with braces. We tested one with Tracker RTS trucks and Krypto Hawaii K wheels in the back, and the Flowlab El Arco U-shaped truck system with seven 72mm inline wheels in the front. The Pleasure Tools Abec 7 bearings provided quite the smooth ride with plenty of speed readily available when needed. What was really surprising about the HammerHead was how easy it was to ride. Having never experienced the Flowlab design before, I fully expected the board to get away from me on my first run out. Not even close. The seven-wheeled axle actually helps you control your speed; as you shift from wheel to wheel, the bearings on the new wheel have to go from zero to speed instantly, thereby keeping the board from taking off. As intimidating as it looks, this is one of the most forgiving boards that I've ever had under me.

Hence The Name!
Hence The Name

The deck of the HammerHead is also worth noting. Not only is it the most unique looking deck out there, its shape is the result of careful engineering. Flared at the front to accommodate the Flowlab truck (hence the name) the tail is carved around the rear wheels to insure that they have plenty of clearance for tighter, more stable angles with no bite. Equipped with Loaded's signature Epoxy and Triaxle fiberglass deck with a vert-lam Oak core, the HammerHead is sure to be around for your grandkids to ride.

Bottom line is if you have access to hills, long slopes or multi-story parking garages, then Loaded's HammerHead was made for you. Once you try it, no other downhill board will ever seem right. For about two hundred and fifty bucks you can get one fully loaded and ready to ride from one of the dealers located at or directly from their online store.!


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