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Workin' at the Car Wash
Ionic Clean
David A. Dodson

Ionic Clean!
Ionic Clean

I like having a clean looking car. Ideally the paint should always shine, windows should be streak free and chrome should always pop. Unfortunately, that level of clean requires more effort than I'm usually willing to invest. In reality, I'm more of a soap it, rinse it and let the wind dry it off kind of vehicle owner. The downside to letting your car air dry is that minerals in the water get left behind during evaporation, coating your car in scale deposits, causing spots and streaks. I simply don't have time to hand dry my ride each and every time I wash it to give it that detailed finish.

The good news is that the war on hard water doesn't have to be fought with hand to hand combat; luckily for you, your allies at HomeRight can help you up your arsenal with their new Ionic Clean water purifier. The Ionic Clean is a portable filtering system that uses de-ionizing technology to remove minerals and impurities from your home water supply and provides a source of polished rinse water guaranteed to dry streak and spot free. Not only does de-mineralized water have no scale-forming impurities to leave behind, it actively seeks out and attacks any that are left behind from the wash.

Ionic Clean Does Windows!
It Does Windows

Easy to use, simply hook up the Ionic Clean to your garden hose and scrub your car down with the included telescopic pole and brush. When you get ready to rinse, just switch the Ionic Clean to the DI (De-Ionizing) rinse setting, and bathe your ride in de-mineralized water for a perfect spot-free finish.

Need more good news: unlike Florence, the Ionic Clean also does windows.

Sounds great, but how well does it really clean your machine? Mr. Rogers' neighborhood should be so sanitary. First of all, the Ionic Clean truly is user friendly; I just screwed the quick connects to the unit and my garden hose, (hooking it up will be even faster next time!) attached the telescopic pole and brush and was ready to go in less than five minutes from box to wash. One thing that I like about the Ionic Clean is that it's an all in one tool; soaping, scrubbing and rinsing are all done without stopping and changing around parts. Water flows through the unit and out of spray nozzles in the brush and the pole stretches out to sixty-three inches so that every nook and cranny gets cleaned. It even has a switch setting to bypass the filter when you are soaping and scrubbing, thus prolonging filter life. When it came time to rinse, I just set the selector switch to "DI" and waited a second or two for the filter to start working its magic. A handy conductivity meter included with the Ionic Clean told me when the water was "pure" and ready to rinse. My car and the windows on my house have never looked better.

The filter in the Ionic Clean will generally provide around forty seven gallons of de-mineralized water before needing to be replaced. That will vary depending on the "hardness" of your water. Obviously, the more minerals it has to filter, the shorter the run time. Before investing in the Ionic Clean, I would definitely get your water's conductivity tested to see exactly what you are dealing with as replacement filters are quite pricy (about $50 a pop).

That being said, the Ionic Clean is an amazingly handy accessory if you value the look of your vehicle and home. One or two trips around your home's windows and it will have already paid for itself. For $249, you get the Ionic Clean with filter, 63" telescopic pole, brush, quick disconnect fitting, on/off valve, and DI water quality tester. HomeRight also carries an optional soap/chemical injector, spray cleaning wand, boar's hair brush and long extension pole kit. Click on over to and start living the clean life today.!


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