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Gain Some Perspective With Innovation's GBA to TV Converter
David A. Dodson

Innovation's GBA-TV Converter!
GBA to TV Converter

Wish your GameBoy Advance were backlit? Yeah, that'd be great. How about a bigger screen, like twenty-seven inches or so? Well, lucky for you some guy over at Innovation thinks like you do, and the result is the GBA TV Converter. The idea is simple: a device that lets you play your GameBoy Advance games on your television, and in practice it's not that much more complicated.

The GBA TV Converter is split into two parts: a white interface shell that replaces the back of your GBA and a converter pack that connects to your TV. The interface shell links directly to the screen of your GBA and can either mate to the converter pack for TV play, or stand alone and keep the system portable.

The whole thing works rather well. The image and sound are transmitted via stereo audio, video or s-video connections. When hooked up, the image shows up on both the TV and GBA screen. While running through to the TV, you have a choice of full screen or smaller to preserve picture quality, which does suffer a little bit by the enlarging process. Sound, however is awesome. You never knew how good the sound effects and music were on the GBA until you've heard them through actual speakers.

The GBA TV Converter comes with the interface shell, converter pack, AC adapter and both "+" and "Y" type screwdrivers (for removing the casing and applying the shell). For about eighty bucks you can pick one up at some stores or online at

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