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GameShark for the GameBoy Advance Makes a Big Splash
David A. Dodson

GameShark for the GameBoy Advance!
GameShark for the
GameBoy Advance

By now, the GameShark needs no introduction. Anyone who has ever so much as seen an existing gaming console, be it the original NES, PlayStation, N64, GameBoy, Dreamcast, or PS2 knows about the doohicky that makes you invulnerable, gives unlimited ammo or lives, super weapons, unlocks hidden characters and levels, slow-motion and much, much more. The latest addition to the family is the newly released GameShark for the GameBoy Advance. And like those that came before it, this version uses programming codes to enhance gaming software, only this time for Nintendo's GBA.

The GameShark slips into the game slot at the top of the GameBoy Advance, and games are then inserted directly into the GameShark. Once activated, codes can be entered with the GBA's control pad, or directly into the GameShark from any PC (packaged with the GameShark is the PC support software and a USB cable). With the included program you can download codes from and zap them right into the GameShark via the USB cable.

This setup actually works pretty well. The only drawback is from a design standpoint. The game cartridge is inserted into the bottom of the GameShark, getting in the way of most battery and rumble packs (even InterAct's own models).

Other than that, the GameShark for GBA is definitely one of those must have accessories for the GameBoy Advance. It really does add whole new dimensions to the portable gaming experience. And with the ability to download codes directly to the GBA from the Internet, it literally couldn't be easier to use. For around forty bucks (about the price of a game) you can get one anywhere games are sold, or online at!



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