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David A. Dodson

Black & Decker's BullsEye Laser Level! Black & Decker's BullsEye Laser Level
and Stud Sensor

There comes a time in every man's life when he wants to hang something on the wall that can't be supported with scotch tape or poster putty. Nails, yes nails are what the sophisticated picture hanger of today uses. And when it comes time to drive that nail, it would be nice to know that it's actually going into a wall stud rather than a live electrical wire or a water pipe. Because nothing says shoddy workmanship like a crooked picture, soaked drywall or being dead, Black and Decker has answered these frame hanger's laments with their BullsEye Auto Leveling Laser and Stud / AC Wire Sensor. The BullsEye boasts the ability to detect wood and metal studs under drywall, sense live AC current and sports a laser line that automatically shows level.

Sounds swell, but can it really locate a stud? All lame puns aside, yes it can. Simply place the BullsEye against the wall, hold down the detector button on the side of the unit and after a few second calibration, start sliding it across the wall. The BullsEye will start beeping and show "STUD FOUND" on the digital display when it senses something solid under the sheetrock. A red "Caution" LED will blink when the BullsEye finds live AC power. And don't worry about marking up your wall, the felt pads on the back of BullsEye will protect your paint or paneling when sliding around, looking for wood. It's a good idea to find several studs around the area that you want to nail; since studs usually run 16 or 24 inches apart, watch out for any solid object under the surface that breaks this pattern (it could be a water pipe, heater or air conditioning duct, etc…).

After you find your stud and hang your nail, the BullsEye will keep you looking like a pro with its patented auto-leveling laser. Simply hang the BullsEye on its provided drywall pin hanger or use its keyhole hanging cone on any pre existing nail or screw, flip the "laser on" switch and use the projected laser line to make sure that whatever you're hanging always looks straight and true. The BullsEye runs off of two AA batteries (included). And you don't have to worry about quality, because Black and Decker stands behind their product with a two-year warranty.

Bottom line is, if you ever intend to hang anything on your walls, then Black and Decker's BullsEye Auto Leveling Laser and Stud / AC Wire Sensor will make the project easy and safe from start to finish. It also makes the perfect gift for that special picture hanger in your life. For about eighty dollars you get the BullsEye unit, two AA batteries, one drywall pin hanger, one keyhole hanging cone and a padded nylon protective case in which to keep it all. You can pick one up just about anywhere tools are sold or from one of the dealers listed at!



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