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ViewOnline was founded in 1997 by J. Kevin Tumlinson and a group of writing and media professionals. The idea was to provide the public with honest, straightforward, real-world product reviews that were easy to read, easy to understand, and were free of confusing technical jargon.

The focus of the project went something like this: "Present the reader with 800 -1200 words that say exactly why they should or should not buy this product."

The result was an entertaining, incisive and enjoyable web magazine that catered to the real needs of the consumer. ViewOnline provided (and continues to provide) useful reviews on products that people actually want and use. And while other Dot-coms became "not-coms" during the mid- to late '90's, ViewOnline has grown and continues to thrive.

ViewOnline's Demographic - ViewOnline is geared towards three specific groups:

The Small Office, Home Office crowd (SOHO) - No longer the "little guy" in American business, the SOHO crowd is looking for office equipment, software and other products that can get the job done. With advances in today's technology, small offices are able to compete with larger companies - and in today's turbulent business climate, smaller businesses are gaining public trust while larger corporations are losing the public faith. That's why ViewOnline feels it is vital to attend to the needs of this group, and introduce them to the best and most affordable office products.

The "Prosumer" - This special category is often neglected and overlooked. A "Prosumer" is the consumer who is seeking quality and professionalism in what they do. Whether they need a high-end video camera and computer equipment for a video business or they just want the best possible quality in their home entertainment system, ViewOnline is dedicated to introducing them to the very best products available.

Males age 18 to 40 - ViewOnline focuses on products that appeal a great deal to males between the ages of 18 and 40. Video games and gaming equipment, music, sports equipment, gadgets and technology are all big draws for this group, and they are looking for the hottest products out there. They are also moving towards family life, and so ViewOnline continues to introduce products that are both fun and practical for the family.

J. Kevin Tumlinson's ViewPoint - ViewOnline is home to J. Kevin Tumlinson's weekly opinion column, ViewPoint. This editorial style column focuses on everything from helpful technical advice to witty observations about the inner workings of life.

J. Kevin Tumlinson is a writer and an artist with a twenty-year background in the media, including work in television, radio and publication. He has had two previous syndicated columns - a technology oriented column called Random Logic and a recurring editorial column for CompuTalk Radio and Television.
ViewOnline Nominated for the 2003 Webman "Best of the Web" award!

ViewOnline was proud to be one of the 2003 nominees for the Webman "Best of the Web" award - This annual award is given in recognition for web sites that promote the true spirit of the World Wide Web. It was an honor to be considered among the finest web sites online!

Thank you! ViewOnline has served the reading public since 1997 and with each passing year it continues to offer more and more. Thank you for being a loyal and valued reader, and please continue to make ViewOnline your source for consumer product reviews.


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